Create your own size roll of SoldierBags!


Need a custom sized fit or have a need for lots of SoldierBags? Lots of left over product from the season? Don't worry! SoldierBags will reinforce product protection.

DON'T ROAST YOUR BUDS IN A TURKEY BAG! Buy our create a bag roll. They are thick - 5.5 mil - odor proof, UV protection and a perfect moisture barrier.

Awesome Smell proof bags or weed bags if you will bring great security and peace of mind!

These rolls are SoldierBags that haven't been cut yet. Whatever your packaging needs, you have the control to make the SoldierBag as big as you need. Just cut your desired length and heat seal. It's as easy as that to secure all your packaging needs. 

We have several sizes available - add one to your cart today.